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It is felt that the citation for the N. S. Joshi Memorial Prize (Vide Annexture 1&2) speaks for itself. The experience in the field of earthdam design & construction, out of thirty-six years service in construction of various types of dams and water resource management, is quite unique. I have to my credit the design of one of the longest dam viz. Jayakwadi dam, highest dam viz. Warna dam in Maharashtra State (India) At Imperial Collage of Science & Technology, London from where I completed M.Tech (Soil Mechanics) & Dip. Of Imperial College (DIC), Prof. Bishop was my guide and Dr. Skempton was the Head of the Dept. I need not elaborate further.

My recent specialization / Consultancy etc is briefly indicated as below:

  1. Computerization of water resources e.g. flood control operation, canal automation etc.

  2. As a Chairman, Indian Society of Earthquake Technology (Pune Centre), I am actively involved in the field of Seismplogy, disaster mitigation, restoration and rehabilitation aspects etc.

  3. I also intend to complete Ph.D. in " Irrigation Projects, Social, Economical and Environmental aspects."

It may be mentioned for ready reference that, at the time of retirement , I was functioning as Director General (In the rank of Secretary to Govt.), WALMI, Aurangabad which is an Institute of International repute. WALMI has been awarded Membership of Global Water Partnership (Stolkhome, Sweden) it has also been selected as Host Institute for SASTAC of which Dr. M. A. Chitale is the Chairman.

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